Why Your Best Bet for a Successful SaaS Reseller May Not be a Reseller…

Defer to the “Referrer” for faster SaaS Sales…

If we agree that the ultimate purpose of any partner program is to increase incremental revenue through broader distribution of your products and services; then, all that’s left – in a practical sense – is to define the optimum partner type and deliver the resources they require to be successful.

Of course, it’s not that simple but it’s a good starting point for this discussion.

Let’s begin with “partner type” and briefly explore what that means.

When we create a new reseller program we begin by defining the program benefits and expectations (goals) based on the prospective partner’s type (reseller or referral) and their commitment measured by training requirement compliancy and volume of partner sales or referred sales. The result of this exercise is a “Segmentation & Tiering” matrix that graphically illustrates the partners’ goals, expectations and benefits when they’re compliant with various requirements and on target with sales or referrals.

A complex partner program could include a variety of partner types from OEM to MSP and Online Retailer or Corporate Resellers – each providing something beneficial to the channel based on their unique business model and customer access. Continue reading

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