How you can put the “PRO” in Partner Prospecting!

Organize your time

Organize your time!

Successful partner prospecting starts by learning how to beat the clock in the high volume game of numbers. 

When a good portion of your living comes from VAR prospecting you learn some short cuts and tricks – I’m going to share some of those with you today.

GET ORGANIZED – Organize your time, your prospecting database, your documentation and your thoughts.  Set aside research time and call time.

Your prospecting targets will be more available and open to discussions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – not saying you won’t have some success on Monday or Friday, but if you really want to ring the bell you’ll need to dedicate some time to researching your prospects before you call and/or email them.  As you organize your call schedule keep in mind that you can increase your contact touches during prime time if you stack your calls based on the rolling time zones – start in the east and move west as the day goes on.

Before you begin sending emails and making calls make sure all of your prospecting collateral is ready to go  along with your partner agreement.  You want to be able to instantly respond to any request for materials.  If you wait a day or two to send the promised material you could miss out on the moment of enthusiasm you established when you first connected and you’re setting low responsiveness expectations.

Most sales people have some familiarity with the “Rule of 10′s” – Reach out to 100 prospects to make 10 actual touches and sign one partner contract.  What if we could vastly improve on the 100:1 ratio – what if we could compress our time in some way?  Suppose we could increase the win ratio by 300-400-500%? Well, you can! Continue reading

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